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Summer programs in visual arts, video, dance, music keep BSA campus busy this summer
Summer programs in visual arts, video, dance, music keep BSA campus busy this summer
Summer programs in visual arts, video, dance, music keep BSA campus busy this summer
Summer at BSA will be as bustling as ever with hundreds of young artists attending a variety of programs across all disciplines.
Visual Arts & Photography
Summer studio courses will be available in Visual Arts and Photography begining July 5 and running through July 28, 2016. There may still be openings available -- Email Claire Brisendine at cbrisendine@bsfa.org for more information.
Summer Dance Intensive
A five week program that provides daily pre-professional classes in Ballet, Pointe and Modern will be taught by BSA faculty. It is open to incoming high school dancers; returning high school dancers; TWIGS dancers currently in A1, A2, A3 & A4; and alumni. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9 am - 3:30 pm from June 27 - July 29. Applicants may attend the weeks that accommodate their summer schedule. Interested? Contact Norma Pera at npera@bsfa.org.
Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation Film Pilot
Select students are already hard at work trying their hand at filmmaking thanks to a grant from the Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation to pilot an exciting new program. Students will be introduced to film as a social practice and as a visual medium for storytelling and will create a documentary or a narrative film with the overarching theme of "I Love Baltimore." The 6-week is taking place in the school's Center for Collaborative Arts & Technology, a state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary lab that houses many of the tools required for filmmaking. For more information, contact Bea Bufrahi at bbufrahi@bsfa.org. This program is for current BSA students only. To see a piece on the program that aired on WJZ, click here. To see the story that aired on WMAR, click here.
Summer Academic Bridge Program
Select students have the opportunity to brush up on academic subjects. This program runds July 11-29 by invitation only. If you are a current BSA student with questions about this, contact Tom Askey at taskey@bsfa.org.
Music Motivating Minds
BSA alumni Dontae and Mashica Winslow bring their summer outreach program to BSA June 27-July 8. For more information, visit their website www.musicmotivatingminds.com
Junior Scholars study across the country and abroad
Close to 40 rising seniors are headed to prestigous programs to study dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and other disciplines. Funded by generous donors and monies from the Doris Duke & Surdna Foundations, these scholarships are an integral part of summer for BSA's aspiring young artsists.

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"I was an inner-city kid, and the school exposed me for the first time to a number of cultures. That helped to break down biases. From 8 to 4, it was our own little utopia."
Antonio Hart
Class of 1986, Grammy-nominated Jazz Saxophonist

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