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BSA looks ahead with Strategic Plan centered on the question: "What do our kids need?"
BSA looks ahead with Strategic Plan centered on the question:
BSA looks ahead with Strategic Plan centered on the question: "What do our kids need?"
After a long gestation and eighteen months of conversations, interviews, and lots of research, we're delighted to present BSA's Strategic Plan. With thanks to Li-Wen Kang (BSA Music '88) and Todd Harvey (BSA Visual Arts '94), Chairs, and the hard-working committee that helped to bring this plan to fruition, we feel we have a blueprint to help us to prepare our students for the creative workforce of the future.
The Strategic Plan is an attempt to discover what the current and future driving forces for our students are likely to be. What sort of career-world will they inhabit? What understandings and skills will they need to thrive? What sort of experiences, information and understandings do we need to offer to prepare them for that world? We are grateful to the brilliant and generous artists, alumni, thought leaders, educators, and many more individuals who helped us to reach this launching point.
We hope you'll take some time to read BSA's Strategic Plan in its entirety. Highlights include:
Our Vision

We respect the young creative mind and exist to nurture its passion and potential. We believe that the pursuit of mastery in an artistic field, paired with a strong individual sense of purpose, leads to a wide range of positive outcomes for both the student and the community.

Our Mission

Baltimore School for the Arts seeks to prepare the next generation of the creative workforce by providing inspiring arts and academic training to high school students as well as opportunities in the arts to younger children and the greater community.


The Core Values we believe are critical to the personal development of each student and an important underlying philosophy of the institution:

Curiosity, Confidence, Expertise
Collaboration, Purpose, Global Perspective


Our Goals
  • Provide relevant and challenging foundational arts and academic training that supports our core values
  • Support innovative and pertinent educational opportunities for students and staff to inform and support their creative work
  • Facilitate a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking
  • Recruit and retain high quality arts and academic faculty and leadership
  • Make excellent post-secondary training a viable option for every student
  • Access BSA alumni as professional resources for current students—both during matriculation and beyond
  • Develop and align financial resources to meet student educational needs and evolving institutional demands of physical and technological infrastructure for all members of the BSA Community.
  • Maintain and grow our profile and relationships with local and national decision makers
  • Find opportunities for positive partnerships
Next Steps—Implementation
As the efforts of implementation begin, we'll need to consider, as a community, how to bring those values to life across the school. That's a huge charge, but it's the next step in the life of this institution. Again, we invite you to spend some time with this document, consider how it might affect our kids and consider how its values can be intentionally included in our daily activities.
Please join Director Chris Ford as he reflects about the Strategic Planning process and discusses issues relevant to BSA on his blog On the arts and education.

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"I had never been in a place, let alone a high school, where everyone is like a big group of friends that support each other day by day as they expand their artistic and academic capabilities."
Robert Mantegna
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