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Note from the Director: Parent Meeting
Note from the Director: Parent Meeting
Note from the Director: Parent Meeting

We’ll have the first General Parent Meeting in our Recital Hall on the second floor at 4:30 pm on October 26 (at the conclusion of Open School Day). All parents are welcome. At this meeting, we will also vote on members to be elected to the Parent Advisory Group.

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Group is to improve communication within the community of BSA parents and to address initiatives of the BCPS Office of Family & Community Engagement.The Parent Advisory Group will discuss policy regarding the school’s BCPS “Fair Student Funding” budget plans over the course of the school year.  
Nominations to be a part of the Parent Advisory Group need to be received by October 24 at noon. Please send them to Laura Cunningham at lcunningham@bsfa.org. Nominees are asked to submit a short statement expressing why they’d like to be elected. These statements will be distributed to parents at the meeting prior to the election.
Meeting attendees will select a total of eight parents to form the Parent Advisory Council (two parents representing each artistic area). 
The term of service for each member will be one year, with the possibility of a repeat term (if re-elected). Membership in the Parent Advisory Group does not constitute membership in the BSA Board of Overseers. This group will be chaired by a Board of Overseers member who is also a current BSA parent.  This person will be appointed by the chair of the Board of Overseers. 

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