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Josephs Make $3M Gift to Launch Film Department
Josephs Make $3M Gift to Launch Film Department
Josephs Make $3M Gift to Launch Film Department

Patricia and Mark Joseph may be serious members of the business and philanthropic communities, but nothing gives them greater pleasure than to engage in the joy and work of the students at The Baltimore School for the Arts every time they walk through its doors.
It’s clear the Josephs love the students of Baltimore City, and that’s why they gave the BSA its single largest gift in its history—a $3 million endowment gift—to launch a new film and visual storytelling program. The program will be named in honor of their beloved friend, local businessman, and film aficionado Charles C. Baum and will begin Fall 2017. With this generous gift, the Josephs have committed a total of almost $6 million dollars to the BSA.
“City students have had a special place in my heart since I served as chair of the city school board in the late 70s,” said Mr. Joseph. “The BSA is truly a great place that changes kids’ lives, and the film program will increase the number of students educated there every year.”
The Josephs have been faithful friends to the BSA for decades. When Mr. Joseph served as chair of the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners from 1975 to 1980, he played a critical role in the founding of BSA and even identified the site for the school. The Josephs are the BSA’s lead donors and previously gave $1 million to renovate the building as well as an additional endowment gift of $1 million. Mrs. Joseph is currently a member of the Board of Overseers and previously served as board chair and headed the search that selected Chris Ford as the school’s director.
“We’re incredibly thankful for the Josephs’ generosity and their extraordinary commitment to The Baltimore School for the Arts,” said Dr. Chris Ford, BSA’s director. “I am humbled by their unwavering belief in our work and the potential of our students. I am in awe of their brilliant vision for our school’s future.”

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