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BSA graduates are on Broadway and television, in films, in major dance companies, orchestras and design firms.  Locally and all over the country our alums are teaching in the arts and academics at public and private schools. More than 20 alums are professors at colleges and universities. We have alumni working in the nonprofit, business, social sciences, and government sectors.  Others are doctors, lawyers and architects.  Click here to learn more.

Many BSA alumni are actively involved in the life of the school and return to provide master classes, college talks, and performances.  Alumni have also joined the high school and TWIGS faculty at BSA and supported the annual, endowment and capital campaigns with generous gifts. 

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"I was an inner-city kid, and the school exposed me for the first time to a number of cultures. That helped to break down biases. From 8 to 4, it was our own little utopia."
Antonio Hart
Class of 1986, Grammy-nominated Jazz Saxophonist

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