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Thanks for thinking of BSA!

We are delighted to work with many volunteers over the course of each year! We depend on your financial help, as well as logistical help, for the success of so many of our efforts at the school. There are many opportunities throughout the year for students, parents, alumni, and community members to become involved on a volunteer basis. 

Some of our annual opportunities include:

Attend a performance, recital, exhibit or event
Your attendance at BSA events is the best way to show your support of the arts and of our young artists. Stay tuned to our calendar, emails, and other mailings to keep up to date on what's happening in every arts discipline.

Make a gift to BSA’s Annual Giving Campaign
Contributions to our annual giving campaign help to support the arts and academic programs that are the backbone of the BSA!

Sign up to help with concessions, events and mailings
Throughout the year there are events at which we need volunteer help including our "Labor of Love" clean-up, concessions for events or a shift in our store, assistance at TWIGS auditions, and stuffing envelopes!  Please e-mail or call Carter Polakoff at 410-625-0403 or to sign up for our volunteer roster.  We’ll be sure to get in touch when we need your help! Parents, also look for notices on Classroom Parent.

Appreciate the Teachers
Teacher Appreciation Days are a wonderful opportunity to pitch in each year. BSA celebrates its teachers with food and drinks – If you’d like to help by bringing something for the faculty, please contact Carter Polakoff to find out this year's schedule.

Plan the Senior Graduation Reception
For parents of BSA juniors: Help us to plan the senior graduation reception – a BSA tradition. To get involved, contact Carter Polakoff.

BSA has one formal supporting volunteer organization called Stage One|FANS. For more information about joining the group, please contact Carter Polakoff at

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"I had never been in a place, let alone a high school, where everyone is like a big group of friends that support each other day by day as they expand their artistic and academic capabilities."
Robert Mantegna
Robert Mantegna, Theatre Production